• Priyanka Mukherjee

To Infinity And Beyond

Wise choice of books for a progressive thinking society begins from early childhood. Books on confidence boosting, dealing with bullying, a disability, a personal loss or dealing with any other such problematic issue is the call of the day. Many times children are not able to share certain things with their parents openly. Reading can help them a lot.

It is high time we walk beyond the likes of 101 Moral Stories and the age old "true love's kiss" stories! After the verbal or pictorial storytelling of these tales, we should look for more relatable books. There are many options which deserve the attention of all parents.  Books are not just  for learning new words. Neither we can achieve the objectives of value education through the stories which our children cannot relate to. Books are the PORTALS to different worlds! Portals to various hearts beating all across the world, portals to various minds buzzing with curiosity. Portals to "infinity and beyond"! So why limit them to the books that is there for the last 100 years!

The responsibility is ours. We should lead them to these wonderful gateways. The first few journeys can be together.

Though fashion, home décor, our choice of holiday destinations have gone through a drastic change, yet, when it comes to books for our children, we look for the book that has more number of stories at a cheaper price. We look for the century old stuff that has been told and retold in various forms across many generations like A for apple and B for Ball!  Even that changes to A for aeroplane or alligator after a week or so, then why not our choice for children's story books?? Emotional Quotient is much more valuable than IQ!

A plethora of progressive books which talk about issues much related to our society and modern times are available now. They talk about self-confidence, inclusion, racism, bullying, abuse and lots of other social issues that our children might face. Long gone are the days of Cinderella or Snow White. Long gone are the days of the shepherd boy getting eaten by a tiger because of telling lies. Long gone are the days of the crow throwing pebbles in pot. Even the crows have learnt to open the taps!

So why not open the various doors and windows for the ever growing, adapting all seeing, all understanding minds??? The children are smarter than what we think them to be. Let them be aware of what is going around. Let them know how to deal with certain problems. Let them form their opinions. Let them grow up to be sensible and sensitive adults.

Let us choose wisely

A child who reads good turns out to be a sensible adult who thinks progressive.

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