• Priyanka Mukherjee

The Lockdown

History will have a new meaning to the age old timeline henceforth. BCE and CE ( yes BC and AD too have changed) will mean Before Corona Era and Corona Era respectively, instead of Before the Common Era and Common Era! The impact of this pandemic will remain with us for a very long time. However, opportunities may be disguised in such a testing time for many of us. We need to keep our minds open. No, not for what is cooking at the neighbour's household, but for the soft knock on our dreams. I was looking for time. I really needed it to write, to research on publishers, to arrange my finances and many other things. Yes, I #selfpublished . The traditional publishing might have taken ages. I joined various groups in Facebook which had experienced writers who helped me out by answering queries. I came in contact with various publishers and got to know the whole publishing process. I worked hard. My dreams beckoned. Finally, I took the leap. This phase gave me that essential three to four hours a day which I utilized to write and move on with the publishing process. This virus is no blessing. Not for me or for anybody else. However, instead of sitting at home and brooding over the deteriorating scenario, I took it as an opportunity to pursue my #dream, to #thinkpositive and go ahead with #mycreation. I learnt to #staystrong and #behappy. Praying for an early invention of the vaccine though! I would love to go out and bask in the glory of my relatives, friends and foes (Yes I have some for sure!). Its been months I have not seen my parents ( video calling is not counted here). #staysafe

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